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Nate King

Assistant Professor
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Nate King is a multidisciplinary artist using animation and compositing techniques to create mixed-media short films and installations. Production methods include video performance, hand drawn frame by frame animation, and 3D animation. King's work examines themes of queerness, alternative identities, and contemporary internet aesthetics.

Experimental Animation, Narrative Storytelling, Queer Studies, Internet Aesthetics,

ART 3604: Stop-Motion Studio
ART 3704: Collaborative Production Studio
ART 3504: 2D Animation Studio
ART 4514: Video and Compositing Studio

King, N., No One Knows I’m A Dog On The Internet, screening, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

King, N., Interface: Cruisin’, screening, selected for experimental programme, third edition of Altered Images Film and Music Festival, London, UK.

King, N., I’m Sorry Mamma I’m A Cowboy, screening, West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival.

King, N., Cohn, R., Becker, M., Water Signs, group show, Drama Club Gallery and ACRE Artist residency

King, N., Fly Mask, installation, Growing Up Queer in the South, Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC.

King, N., Learning to Live Alone, installation, New Waves 2020, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, VA.

Selected for ACRE Artist Residency, 2021


MFA, Digtial Arts and Animation, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

BA, Cinema, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia