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Advising 101

What is academic advising at Virginia Tech?

Advising at Virginia Tech is a collaborative process between student and advisor, which empowers students to make informed academic and career decisions. Each undergraduate student at Virginia Tech is assigned an academic advisor. Read more.

Why see an academic advisor?

Your academic advisor is here to help you:

  • Understand your degree requirements, 
  • Register for classes, 
  • Identify resources, 
  • Explore opportunities, and 
  • Stay on track to graduate.

Each undergraduate student at Virginia Tech is assigned an academic advisor.

Who is my academic advisor?

You can find your assigned advisor by logging into Hokie Spa, where you can see your advisor listed under the “View your General Student Information” tab.

What are my responsibilities?

Students and advisors share the responsibility for developing an advising partnership with the advisor. Over time, the partnership results in increased responsibility for the student. Students are responsible for:

  • Communicating goals, needs, wants, and concerns to your advisor in a respectful and sincere manner;
  • Making, keeping, and being prepared for appointments with your advisor;
  • Being an active participant in advising meetings and asking questions if you do not understand;
  • Informing the advisor of changes in plans and/or circumstances that might impact your academic performance;
  • Creating an academic plan, updating it each semester, and reviewing the plan with your advisor;
  • Reviewing your degree audit (DARS) to identify and plan for remaining degree requirements; 
  • Checking your official email account on a regular basis; and
  • Reading all information sent to you by university officials (including your advisor) and taking necessary action when required.

What are my advisor's responsibilities?

The advisor shares the responsibility for developing an advising partnership with undergraduate students. This is achieved through the advisor:

  • Communicating with students and delivering individualized and accurate information in professional sincere manner;
  • Being informed of, and providing accurate information about current academic policies and procedures;
  • Keeping appointments and being available for assistance;
  • Providing appropriate referrals, contacts, and information;
  • Doing appropriate follow-up with students;
  • Seeking out and taking advantage of opportunities for professional development; and
  • Maintaining student confidentiality in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

How often should I meet with my advisor?

You should meet with your advisor once a semester. Checking in with your advisor to review course selections and degree progress will help you stay on track.  Be aware that appointment slots fill up quickly during peak times, such as course registration and drop/add, so it is wise to plan ahead.

How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor?

For School of Visual Arts academic advising, students should schedule an appointment using Navigate. Students who are in a SOVA major or minor can choose “SOVA Advising” as the service. Students who are interested in pursuing a SOVA major or minor can choose “Explore SOVA” as the service.

Step-by-step instructions on how to schedule an appointment