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Studio Art


The SOVA Studio Art program offers classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. We aim to prepare artists for the digitally enhanced world by integrating emerging technologies into a contemporary fine arts experience. Our students have access to cutting edge technologies like laser cutters, CNC routers and 3D printers, and are taught in an environment that encourages them to explore these tools in conjunction with traditional mediums. Students and faculty conduct research and create work that spans disciplinary boundaries. Our flexible undergraduate curriculum provides opportunities for students to achieve interdisciplinary breadth through electives in Graphic Design, Creative Technologies, and other areas of personal interest.


Situated within a nationally recognized research institution, SOVA attracts students and faculty who value the study of art in a broad cultural and intellectual context. The B.F.A. degree in Studio Art equips emerging artists with critical thinking skills, visual and cultural literacy, and tools to communicate their ideas. We also promote the professional skills and habits necessary to build and sustain a self-directed studio practice. Our program is uniquely positioned to provide students with the skills and opportunities to explore the impact of art and technology on our lived experience.


Senior Studio is the capstone course for students in the Studio Art B.F.A. Program. Students prepare a coherent body of studio work under faculty supervision, culminating in an exhibition. Students also prepare a written document; thesis, catalog or other written forms relevant to the individual’s studio practice. Students also participate in group critiques. The course extends over two semesters for a total of 6 credits at a maximum of 3H, 3C per semester. Senior standing and consent of department head required.


Graduates of the Studio Art program apply their creative skills in a variety of careers. Some become professional artists, exhibiting at national galleries and museums, or pursue commercial careers in photography, painting, illustration, and sculpture. Others seek their Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in specific studio disciplines or post-graduate degrees in related arts fields such as Material Culture, Art Therapy, Art Education, Exhibition Design, and Art Conservation. Our alumni have gone on to become professional artists, university professors, K-12 teachers, and pursue careers in galleries and museums.


Advising at Virginia Tech is a collaborative process between the student and the advisor leading to the exchange of information that encourages the individual student to make responsible academic and career decisions.  SOVA supports the “I advise You decide” philosophy, as published by NACADA, the global professional organization for academic advising.

  • Students are required to meet with their primary advisor a minimum of one time each semester; more frequent visits are highly encouraged.
  • Students will find the name of their assigned academic advisor(s) on Hokie Spa.
  • The faculty advisor is an additional resource available to students and will assist with internship and career-related matters, supporting students as they prepare for professional advancement opportunities.

Why see an advisor?

Course request and scheduling, to complete a Pathways Planner (4-year plan), tracking of progress toward a degree, for resources and referrals regarding campus or community services, to review degree audit report, to be cleared for graduation, to discuss personal issues that may be impacting academic success, for clarification on policy or procedural information, to transfer credits to Virginia Tech from another institution, to add a 2nd major or a minor, to discuss issues causing missed classes, if you begin to struggle with a particular class or feel you are not being successful, for academic warning/probation/suspension advising, and more! The better informed your advisor is regarding your individual needs or situation, the more they are able to aid in your academic success.

In Studio Art, majors can choose a concentration from a variety of disciplines including painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture.


The built-in flexibility of the studio curriculum encourages students to explore and develop their talents and interests. While specialization in the traditional sense is open to all majors, the school also encourages innovative approaches by exploring areas in which different media and disciplines overlap or intersect.


The BFA in Studio Art provides students with the skills and professional practice needed to pursue a range of creative careers and continue their education as artists at the graduate level.

Internal Transfer Students


Internal transfer students (students currently attending Virginia Tech) should contact the School of Visual Arts to discuss options and to be included on our waiting list (“Intend to Major List”). Our BFA programs are restricted majors and there is a waiting list for enrollment. The art history major is not restricted.


We offer a minor in Art History and a minor in Visual Arts and Society.


For more information, contact Ray Callahan,


Prospective Transfer Students


NOTE TO TRANSFER APPLICANTS: While many transfer students enter Virginia Tech with 30-60 credits, art students do not have all required foundation courses completed and will be placed in first-year art courses. This can significantly impact the number of semesters a student will be enrolled at Virginia Tech in order to complete a BFA degree.
Prospective transfer students are encouraged to contact Tracey Drowne (, Academic Advisor in the School of Visual Arts, to discuss a degree completion plan.