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Thomas Tucker

Associate Professor
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As a visual artist, I use new technologies to make invisible or immaterial subjects visible. I represent unseeable forces, structures, geometries, and histories. My applied research consists of projects ranging from virtual spatial environments, to groundbreaking scientific and historic visualizations, and dynamic interactive artworks. Transdisciplinary, cutting-edge collaborations across art, technology, the humanities, and the sciences drive my practice, and my research contributions reflect this critical centering. My creative achievements also shape and are shaped by my teaching and outreach. My work as Creative Director for projects pioneering transdisciplinary collaboration provide successful models for integration of art, creative technology, and visualization across numerous research methodologies. In today’s post-disciplinary context, researchers increasingly need creative methodologies and technologies to visualize what they can’t create or represent in a typical university lab or other academic setting. Simultaneously, artists have an unprecedented opportunity to use emerging technologies to intersect in new, meaningful ways with countless research subjects. The consequential partnerships that fuel my practice directly inform my teaching and service. My students grow professionally as part of these research collaborations, and gain new creative research methodologies with each project they are involved in.

3D Visualization | Animation | Virtual Reality | Projection Mapping

ART 3704-10827 Character Animation
ART 3704-10828 Video Game Design
ART 4544-10839 Video Game Design (Advanced)
ART 5704-10667 Character Animation (Graduate level)
ART 5704-19832 Video Game Design (Graduate level)
ART 3704-80780 Character Model & Sculpt
ART 4544-80792 Character Model & Sculpt (Advanced)
ART 5704-80811 Character Model & Sculpt (Graduate level)
ART 4544-80793 Lighting and Projection Map
ART 5724-80817 Lighting and Projection Map (Graduate level)
ART 5704-80812 Topics in Computer Animation (Graduate level)
ART 4544-90788 Compositing and Lighting
ART 5724-98905 Adv 3D Animation & Compositing
ART 5704 Character Animation (Graduate level)
ART 4544 Modeling Tools for Visualization
ART 5604 Grad Seminar
ART 2704 Intro to 3D Animation
ART 3704 Topics in Computer Animation
ART 5604 Creat Digi Tech in Arts & Des
ART 5964 Field Work/Practicum
ART 4544 Computer Animation Studio
ART 5704 3D Heritage class

Recipient of NEH Grants, NSF Grants, ICAT Grants and VT Xcaliber Teaching Award


Masters of Fine Arts - School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO