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School of Visual Arts, SOVA, Virginia Tech, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art, Creative Technologies, Art History
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Tiffany Newman

Tiffany Newman
BFA in Studio Art
Class of 2018

Tiffany’s journey in the art world began when, as a six-year-old kindergarten student, she stated she wanted to be an artist. Years later she was accepted into the School of Visual Art’s Studio Art program and graduated with her BFA from Virginia Tech in 2017.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Tiffany worked as a photographer for The Walt Disney Company. She also worked as a freelance multimedia artist and graphic designer. One of her favorite projects was the commission of large watercolor paintings for major donors to the Virginia Tech Athletics Program. From that project, a painting that she made of the football practice facility was given to former Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer. After freelancing and touching on a variety of different projects and mediums, Tiffany decided to narrow her focus on user experience and user interface design. She has designed websites for government agencies, higher education institutions, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Last year, the U.S. Department of Education hosted a design challenge, where they asked for redesigns of their federal public-facing site,, which is visited by approximately 15 millions users every year. Tiffany submitted a redesign of the site and won first runner up out of 60 competitors.

Currently, Tiffany designs websites at an eCommerce agency that incubates and grows direct-to-consumer brands. When she is not designing websites, Tiffany is busy capturing quaint landscapes and scenes in her lovely watercolor paintings and prints.