SOVA | Eric Standley
School of Visual Arts, SOVA, Virginia Tech, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art, Creative Technologies, Art History
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Eric Standley

Professor Eric Standley recently installed an exhibition of his work in Dinner Gallery (formerly VICTORI + MO) in Chelsea, New York City. The show opened February 2, 2021 and is titled “Songs for the Living.” The show is scheduled to run through March 20th, 2021.

Professor Standley is known for his fantastic, highly-detailed multimedia artifacts which he creates from strategically placed and cut layers of paper. Each piece displays a wide range of colors, shapes and forms. Standley was interviewed by Vale Magazine to talk about his latest exhibition:

“In a statement about the upcoming exhibition, Dinner Gallery compared Standley’s work to a “collection of good songs” and explained that the artifacts invoke feelings of familiarity while also offering glimpses at what the future may hold, particularly if we as a people are willing to commit to values like tolerance and “reverence for complexity.” – (February 8, 2021). Songs for the Living – an Interview With Eric Standley. Vale Magazine, online article.

Besides being featured in Vale, Eric’s exhibition has also been spotlighted by USA Art News and ArtNet as an exhibition editors pick.