SOVA | Creative Technology BFA Program
Creative Technologies is a program that prepares students to become future leaders of many new artistic fields and industries. Students who graduate with a Creative Technologies BFA will go on to pursue careers spanning gaming, film, animation, motion graphics, video production, and fine arts. Some students will also pursue graduate programs in these fields.
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Creative Technologies – BFA



Creative Technologies (CT) at the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech is a B.F.A. program that focuses on creative practice at the intersections of digital technology and artistic exploration. Students in our CT B.F.A. program will take a wide variety of courses spanning digital media topics, production methods, and theories. The CT program prioritizes individual student growth, the creation of diverse media projects and bodies of work, and the development of a each student’s unique creative voice. We strive for our students to become both technically and artistically nimble, which will best prepare them to succeed across numerous creative fields such as (but not limited to) 3D modeling, animation, gaming, video art, virtual reality, and contemporary fine arts practice. The strength of the CT program is that we do not prepare students for one existing digital pipeline or production trajectory, but rather we engage students with evolving technologies and possibilities of the future.