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School of Visual Arts, SOVA, Virginia Tech, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art, Creative Technologies, Art History
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Mitch Miller

Mitch Miller
Professor of Studio Art

Professor Mitch Miller spent much of the summer working at Stove Works in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he was awarded an artist residency. During the two months Mitch spend at Stove Works he completed a full color, 2-foot by 500-foot drawing inspired by a roughly ten-year block of time in NYC. He also exhibited two 500-foot-long drawings at Stove Works for a show called “Brood X”. Part of the exhibition experience was experimental: Mitch took his full color 500-foot drawing (completed last year in Blacksburg) and cut it into pieces of varied lengths. He then hung and layered the pieces on a wall as a collage of sorts. This was in order to play around with the idea of non-linear narratives. To further explore the idea of non-linear associations, Mitch went so far as to crumple and twist other pieces of the drawing together into a pile of drawings with no apparent beginning or end. The 500-footer Mitch completed while at Stove Works is now in the process of being turned into an animation complete with a customized score by talented musicians in NYC and Boston. This should be finished by the end of October, then it will become an NFT and the original drawing itself will be cast in bronze.

Originally from Oklahoma, Mitch’s curiosity about the world brought him to Nepal where he learned to Thanka paint from an old master. Upon his return to the US he pursued an art degree alongside his biology degree from the University of Colorado. In 2000 Mitch received his MFA from the University of Kansas and left the next day for NYC. After many exciting years in New York Mitch had the opportunity to go to Arizona State University free of charge. He recently received a Masters of Landscape Architecture from ASU and is currently designing a public park for an international artist residency program, Stove Works, in Chattanooga, TN. The park is designed to be a sustainable multi-use cultural space and community conduit. Residencies will begin in Summer 2021 and Mitch has been invited to be a groundbreaking resident for the first session.

Socrates Sculpture Park, Pollock-Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Ford Foundation, and Andy Warhol grants have supported Mitch’s work. He exhibits nationally and internationally in galleries, art fairs, and museums. The DUMBO arts festival (NYC), Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (AZ), Doosan Gallery (NYC), Center for Cultural Innovation in San Jose (CA), universities around the country and art fairs around the world have hosted Mitch for presentations on his work.