SOVA | Megan Monroe
School of Visual Arts, SOVA, Virginia Tech, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art, Creative Technologies, Art History
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Megan Monroe

Megan Monroe is a senior studying Graphic Design and Art History. While Megan has expressed a love for art for as long as she can remember, her passion for graphic design didn’t flourish until her senior year of high school. Ever since then, she’s grown increasingly involved in all forms of design, from print to motion to product design. An avid learner, Megan aims to create design that inspires and helps others. She finds that she is happiest when she is inspired, and hopes to constantly seek out inspiration no matter where she ends up after graduating in May (hopefully graduate school to continue studying design). In 2020 Megan was selected for the George Preston Frazer Scholarship as a rising senior who has demonstrated excellence within her chosen major.

Megan has designed a number of product labels for different companies, including Cinder Candle Branding and ICARUS Hot Sauce.

Megan was one of two students from SOVA’s graphic design program selected by Graphic Design USA for the distinction of “Students to Watch” in 2021. Megan and several other graphic design students were selected for a 2021 silver award at the American Advertising Federation for her VT PRISM 2020 Recruitment Campaign.

When Megan isn’t designing, you can find her swimming in the ocean, painting, or scouting out funky hats to add to her growing collection.