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School of Visual Arts, SOVA, Virginia Tech, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art, Creative Technologies, Art History
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Jenny Klug

Jenny Klug
BFA in Studio Art
Class of 2018

Jenny Klug is an artist and a Special Education Paraeducator who focuses on painting and photography. Jenny earned her BFA in Studio Art from Virginia Tech’s School of Visual Arts. In addition to pursuing her passion in fine art, Jenny spent several years of college studying Fisheries and Wildlife, which remains to be a vital voice in her artwork. Today her subject matter includes landscapes, wildlife, cities, as well as portrait commissions. Jenny has shown in multiple venues including The Armory; Blacksburg VA, The Grove; Blacksburg VA, Tryst; Leesburg VA, The Fine Gallery; Leesburg VA, and Jessye Norman School for the Arts; GA.

Jenny’s studio practice is heavily intertwined with her everyday life. When she is not creating work in her physical studio space, she is exploring Utah’s outdoors collecting painting references along the way. Working for a school gives Jenny a lot of free time in the summers to explore local art communities, and time to focus on her own artwork. She teaches art lessons on Fridays during the school year which gives her a chance to work on her lesson plans and relay art topics to younger audiences. She also sells painting commissions throughout the year, which keeps her on a rigid schedule and helps her improve her skills on subjects she might not normally choose to work on.

Jenny’s advice for young artists today: “If you love studio art keep with it, it shouldn’t be a problem to succeed if you’re passionate about what you do. Opportunities are all over the place, it’s super important to put yourself out there and connect with other artists in your community!”