Tacie Jones - SOVA
School of Visual Arts, SOVA, Virginia Tech, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art, Creative Technologies, Art History
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Tacie Jones

Graduate Student, Creative Technologies

Tacie Jones



Email: tnjones@vt.edu

Website: taciejones.com


I am a multiform artist working in a range of media including video, painting, drawing, photography, installation and social practice. I received a BFA in Studio Art from George Mason University and a Master of Research in Creative Practices from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. I am currently dually enrolled in the MFA in Creative Technologies and the Human-Centered Design interdisciplinary PhD programs here at Virginia Tech.

MFA goals are to grow CT skills to amplify conceptual installation and video-based work, and cultivate current methodology of inclusive, participatory practice by applying CT processes to democratically document, exhibit and preserve facilitated social projects, deepening layers of critical discourse and impact.



Digital Video, Projection Mapping, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Installation Art, Action Research, Experimental Pedagogy, Community Outreach, Arts-based Non-Profit Development



Memory, Impermanence, Trauma, Empathy, Resilience, Art as Social Action, Pedagogy as Art Practice, CT in Social Practice