SOVA | Charlotte Canon
School of Visual Arts, SOVA, Virginia Tech, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art, Creative Technologies, Art History
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Charlotte Canon

Charlotte Canon came to SOVA in 2016. After successfully passing portfolio review, Charlotte selected graphic design as her area of study. She demonstrated such excellence and creativity that she was awarded two of SOVA’s in-house scholarships; the Carol Davis scholarship and the George Preston Frazer scholarship. Since graduating in December 2021, Charlotte has been enjoying time with family and exploring new hobbies. In 2021, she was invited to join Phi Beta Kappa (only 80 students across the university were invited in 2021).  In 2021, Charlotte was one of two students from SOVA’s graphic design program featured in Graphic Design USA’s annual “Students to Watch” list.

Her latest adventures have involved baking macarons and learning how to crochet. Charlotte was also recently hired at WillowTree Apps where she will be designing interactive experiences for digital platforms. She’s excited to continue learning and growing with her new team as she begins work in Charlottesville, VA!